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Sustainable Materials in the Construction Industry: A $5.5 Billion Market Waiting to be Explored

The Indian construction industry is expecting to see a growth of 6.6% annually, with reports indicating that 70% of India’s buildings are yet to be built.  Construction and related manufacturing activities have typically contributed to about 25% of the nation’s carbon emissions  and this figure is only expected to rise in the future. 

While improving energy and resource efficiency of manufacturing processes is the most frequently suggested solution, using alternative Sustainable Materials may prove to have a larger impact on reducing environmental impact of construction activities.

The construction industry is built on the pillars of bricks, steel and concrete -formed by mixing cement, water and aggregates. The concept of sustainable construction entails moving away from using materials that require large quantities of energy, water and non-renewable natural resources for manufacturing, and using materials which have a lower environmental impact.

Sustainability Outlook’s research indicates that the use of sustainable materials in the construction industry has a large market, particularly in the case of products like sustainable bricks and recycled aggregates which present a great potential market in India.  

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