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Sustainability Megatrends in Indian Industry- Outlook 2015

Sustainability Outlook carried out extensive industry-wide surveys and interviews amongst various stakeholders to uncover the status of sustainability in Indian businesses. Through these interactions, Sustainability Outlook has uncovered insights on 

  • current drivers of sustainability among Indian corporates, 
  • the kind of interventions they have implemented, and 
  • the benefits that have been observed by these resource sustainability interventions

Based on the responses of 85 leading Indian corporates, five key sustainability megatrends were observed in the Indian industry: 

  1. Indian businesses are moving beyond compliance for implementing resource sustainability measures
  2. Indian business are taking a long term view for resource management due to impending resource shortage
  3. Customers, consumers and/or investors are currently not seen as key sustainability drivers for Indian businesses
  4. Sustainability is increasingly being viewed as a key corporate function 
  5. Sustainability reporting continues to remain a key activity for large businesses but not seeing uptake in SMEs

To read the entire report, click here.

This brief is an outcome of on-going industry engagement efforts by Sustainability Outlook to capture the sustainability mega-trends in the Indian industry. 

To get engaged in the process of identification of sustainability trends in India for 2015, nominate your sustainability initiatives for the 2015 Parivartan Sustainability Innovation Awards. Help uncover and shape the 2015 sustainability trends for India Inc. 

To receive the reports, get engaged or to learn more about the on-going work related to Corporate Sustainability, please email us at (Market Access & Insights Team at Sustainability Outlook)

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