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The Packaging Problem Moving the Market for Sustainable Packaging Forward in India

Sustainable packaging in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) market is moving from being purely cost driven towards a strategic approach of resource management It is imperative that India addresses its lack of waste management for low value post-consumer materials.

Being a cost-sensitive market, the pressure for FMCG companies to reduce packaging costs in India is strong. Simultaneously, the demand for sophisticated packaging of products is rising in India which adds to the cost pressure on packaging suppliers. In the past 5-6 years the market for sustainable packaging in India was driven primarily by cost reduction, however, moving forward corporations are now placing more thought leadership into their sustainable packaging plans across the value chain.

Indeed, packaging plays an essential role for FMCG businesses in meeting consumer needs and preventing waste by protecting products for proper consumption. The fast selling and low margin products have a high production and consumption rate, as well as, an extensive distribution network that demands large amounts of paper/plastic/glass and metal. Sustainable packaging ultimately is the practice of ensuring any material waste from packaged products never leaves the value chain, as well as, uses material with little to zero environmental harm.


The holy grail of sustainable packaging would be a complete closed-loop system where zero material is wasted and instead all is recycled or reused post consumption. Any FMCG corporation trying to create sustainable packaging for their products should adopt a holistic approach covering all the aspects of the packaging value chain from raw material to post consumption disposal and treatment.

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This brief is an outcome of on-going industry engagement efforts by Sustainability Outlook to capture the Sustainable Packaging trends in Indian FMCG Industry. 

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