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Circular Economy Symposium 2017



Environmental degradation and resource depletion threaten the sustainability of economic growth in both developed and developing countries. A circular economy is envisaged to create huge economic opportunities, especially making end of life resource recovery more efficient for long term value creation. In this context, the waste management industry will play a key role at the heart of a circular economy with a transition away from the old linear production model towards a resource management approach where the industry acts as a provider of raw materials and energy to the rest of the economy.
With this background, the first edition of Circular Economy Symposium is envisioned to fill in the information gap around huge potential in diverting resources from being dumped in landfills and fresh water bodies using the closed loop environmental solution.
Conference Program is focused on following thematic streams:
• Policy Instruments for Efficient Waste Management
• Circular Economy: Opportunities for business, benefits for society
• Mining Industrial waste as a resource in Circular Economy
Apr 25 to Apr 26
Federation House, New Delhi
Author: SustainabilityOutlook