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2nd National Workshop Programme under the GREEN-WIN project


The GREEN-WIN project (Green growth and win-win solutions for sustainable climate action), funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme, aims to identify, develop and critically assess the potential of win-win strategies for addressing the climate problem. Under win-win strategies we understand strategies that bring short-term economic benefits to private actors or society as a whole, while supporting sustainable forms of climate mitigation and adaptation. In GREEN-WIN we thereby focus on the potential of green business models and switching economies to green growth pathways.

In India, the 2nd  National Workshop Programme under the GREEN-WIN project is being organized by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA)  to develop a national collaboration  to apply  a solution-oriented  approach  targeted  at  increasing our  understanding of  the links  between  climate  action  and  sustainability. The national workshop will contribute to overcoming economic, financial and institutional barriers to sustainable climate action at local and international levels through identifying win-win strategies, green business models and  enabling  environments which support meeting Sustainable Development Goals via green entrepreneurship.

The main objectives of the Workshop are:

  1. Identifying win - win strategies, green business models and enabling environments
  2. Discussing innovative green business models in the light of SDGs
  3. Contributing to a evidence-based transformative for a green economy

We firmly believe that this National Workshop Programme  will benefit from your inputs and that the meeting will also offer you the opportunity to engage in a fruitful learning process that will help to re-frame the current national and international debate about how to achieve climate, sustainable development and economic goals.

Who’s it for?

  • Policy makers & government officials
  • Professionals with expertise in development sector/ green jobs
  • Academician
  • CSOs / NGOs working on projects around - green ecosystem, greening supply chain, enterprise development and alike


Apr 19
Autonomous University of Barcelona and Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA)
Development Alternatives Headquarters, New Delhi
Author: SustainabilityOutlook